Used by over 26,000 organizations across the globe, Tableau is the most domineering software available in the market known for its 360ยบ flexibility and immense reporting capabilities. Tableau is an absolute delight for enterprises that want to go beyond restrained



Harness the immense power of the data stacked up over the period of time by choosing Ventois’ comprehensive Big Data Solutions & Services. Big data’s importance for enterprises of all sizes and nature is enormous and statistics suggest that Big


Data Warehousing

The importance of data warehouse implementation is ever increasing. Having a data warehouse in place gives your enterprise an extra edge, while the absence of it surely is an opportunity for your rivals to outdo you in the stiff competition

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Why Choose Ventois

Why Choose Ventois

Ventois is a bevy of driven and passionate techno-geeks dedicated to render all encompassing technical, enterprise grade and quality assurance solutions to business verticals across the globe. We have a fascination for challenges and skills to metamorphose obstacles into opportunities.

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Who are We ?

We are a renowned ITES company having a global presence serving a host of companies in IT and other allied sectors. We have the finest skilled workforce who are thorough professionals in their respective domains and have been dedicatedly catering to the industry demand and requirement in the data based solutions environment.

Our Progress

We as a premier IT company have progressed steadily and achieved the desired growth in record time and have been tracking our progress through various advanced methods. Our progress have been in tandem with the current market trends and keeping with the current customer demands. So we have attained a healthy progress overall in all possible business domains.