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In the ever-challenging agricultural landscape, information technology has proven to be quite effective and result yielding. Sustainability and scalability are the more commonly known issues the agriculture industry has to constantly deal with. Besides, quality control and traceability are other vital challenges, growers and packers often fail to acknowledge due to lack of resources. For over Five, Ventois has served many agricultural companies and helped them prosper by integrating on-premise infrastructure, cloud computing, and mobility solutions to develop a holistic and reliable information technology system specifically designed for agriculture entrepreneurs.

Ventois Solutions for Agriculture Industry

Ventois very well understands that the interests of all stakeholders including the farmer, agro-company, and field agent must be acknowledged at all times. Our crop management solutions are comprehensive and facilitate seamless integration of data processing from various sources. What’s more? The integrated data can be further stored on a single platform which can be easily accessed via handheld devices. Besides, farmers can get regular updates and necessary advice to improve productivity.

With astronomical R&D expenses, agro companies need to have timely and accurate field information, which due to the fragmented nature of the agricultural companies is not that easy to obtain. This is where technology comes into the picture. And Ventois’ end-to-end digital solutions particularly designed for the industry is the answer. Ventois has vast experience in delivering bespoke end-to-end solutions with a whole suite of products that bridge this gap with utmost ease and astonishing flexibility. Our solutions are a perfect amalgam of the latest technologies inclusive of GPS, Mobile, and Cloud which always keep agro-companies ahead of the game. In spite of the highly fragmented nature of the agriculture industry, our solutions enable farmers to address the core areas of concerns and measure the receptivity as well.

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