Sr. Software Developer

Ventois is always looking for talented people to become its team members. We realize that productive people are always a good addition to our organization. So if you have the financial acumen and the passion to work with some of the biggest companies in the world, join in!

Project Location(s): Work location is Shrewsbury, MA with required travel to client locations throughout the USA.
Education: Bachelor’s degree or its working equivalent in Computer science, Computer Information Systems, Information Technology, a closely related IT field, or a combination of education and experience equating to the U.S. equivalent of a Bachelor’s degree in one of the aforementioned subjects.


  • Develop a replication tool to copy the data from relational databases to relational and Hadoop eco system using Apache Spark and Confluent Kafka.
  • Install and configured Kinetica GPU database on the on premises as well as Azure Cloud instances.
  • Work on Micro services applications to store and retrieve data from Kinetica using Java and Springboot.
  • Work on parsing xml and json documents and stored them on SQL Server.
  • Write python scripts for Ingestion as well as CRUD operations on Kinetica database.
  • Develop an application to parse database logs to capture response times for monitoring real time application requests.
  • Create dashboards on Reveal to visualize the data present on the Kinetica.
  • Perform proof of concept to compare the performance between Kinetica and Apache Cassandra.
  • Work on ETL transformations using Spark on various source systems.
  • Develop a proof of concept on migrating data from Cassandra to Kinetica database. Handled bulk load and real time data migration.
  • Write Spark streaming code using Scala for data migration from Cassandra to Kinetica DB.
  • Work on an application to stream data from SAP HANA to MapR DB and HIVE using Spark Streaming.
  • Design and implement data lake solution for on-premises environment as well as cloud environment. Involved in finalizing the data lake architecture.
  • Perform transformations as well as analytics on the data lake.
  • Provision Linux machines and configured Hortonworks cluster.
  • Work on configuring Cloudera single node cluster using Cloudera Manager and configured Hortonworks cluster using Ambari.
  • Deploy Harmonia application to stream data from SAP HANA to MapR DB/HBase on the MapR cluster, Cloudera and Hortonworks single node clusters and thoroughly tested the data stream on all the three different clusters.
  • Configure and provisioned 3 node EC2 instances on AWS to form a Hortonworks cluster. Install the required application services on the 3-node cluster.
  • Create IAM roles and configured volumes, snapshots, security groups, elastic ip addresses and VPN networks.
  • Develop a design for end-to-end data flow solution using Data virtualization.
  • Work on Apache JMeter to perform load testing on Kinetica database to simulate the real time load.


  • Great interpersonal communication skills;
  • A keen eye for spotting data trends;
  • Great analytical skills;
  • A keen grasp of information technology;
  • Professional demeanor;
  • Personal accountability and strong work ethic;
  • Professional, able to interact with vendors/clients;
  • Positive, “can-do” attitude.
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