Used by over 26,000 organizations across the globe, Tableau is the most domineering software available in the market known for its 360º flexibility and immense reporting capabilities. Tableau is an absolute delight for enterprises that want to go beyond restrained reporting capacities and are in search for a sophisticated data mechanism in the Big Data age. Tableau not only puts the user in total control of the analytics, but also converts vital data into visualizations in a timeless manner resulting in an intuitive and insightful analysis.

Salient Benefits Of Tableau Software:

* Clear Visualization Of Data: As a data visualization tool, Tableau is known for making data presentation and analysis a cakewalk through simple to understand and creative visualizations.
* User Friendly: Tableau is extremely user friendly and hence doesn’t require the user to be tech-savvy. With little or absolutely no technical assistance, users can create reports, download and share with other users in a seamless manner.
* User Interface: Tableau scores a 10 on 10 for its user interface. It’s drag and drop facility and visual options makes it pretty easy to use by users with moderate excel skills.
* Reports and Analytics: Bid adieu to the rigidity of traditional systems when Tableau is at your disposal. Highly scalable this DIY (Do it yourself) business intelligence tool syncs well with your data architecture and matches up with your growing business needs and infrastructure with utmost ease. It also offers browser based and mobile analytics.
* Real Time Results: Tableau is compatible with Big Data sources, excel and native SPSS. Capable of generating key reports on the basis of large amount of data, Tableau offers real time results.

Why Choose Ventois For Tableau Solutions?

Being early adopters of Tableau, we pride ourselves for our team of Tableau consultants with plenty of hands on experience in delivering turnkey Tableau solutions to enterprises across the orb. Equally dexterous in business planning as well as data consulting, Ventois’ Tableau consultancy team is just a click away. From project planning through to the implementation of Tableau integration strategy, we have you covered. We start with a thorough analysis and strategize how to use make optimum use of Tableau for data analysis keeping your operational structure in mind.

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