ClikView_RunningImageQlikview is a pioneer in the realm of visual analytics and data recovery. On account of steady innovation, Qlikview is a preferred pick for enterprises across the globe. It’s business intelligence and data visualization product suites are a complete package that allow companies reap enormous benefits in a short span of time.

Qlikview perfectly complements the nagging needs of Big Data management with utmost ease. Whether it’s structured or unstructured data your enterprise has garnered from multiple sources, Qlikview allows you to access, manage and analyse large sets of data in an astonishingly easy fashion. Easy to interpret graphics, vibrant data visualization and intuitive and user friendly analytics and dashboards are sure to change the way you and the stakeholders involved look at data analysis and reporting.

Qlikview’s interface is clean, simple and easy to understand. It meshes well with your existing IT infrastructure in a seamless manner. Besides, it enables your users across various departments to analyze data driving improved business performance and well informed business decisions.

Qlikview is for your business if:

  • Your organization wants to use this BI system’s tool across various departments.
  • You need a highly functional robust tool capable of dealing with large sets of data.
  • Your business requires variegated enterprise grade business intelligence tools that serve more than just visualization.

Other Key Features Of Qlikview are as follows:

  • Data Visualization
  • Dashboards
  • Reporting & Analytics

Why Ventois is the right choice for Qlikview Services?

Busines intelligence experts and consultants at Ventois simply love Qlikview. Having served plethora of businesses spanning across ___ countries and variegated industries such as Entertainment, Logistics, Utilities, Banking & Finance and Insurance among others. Streamlined business operations, mitigated risks & vulnerabilities, reduced costs and return on investment are some of the many advantages Qlikview consultants bring to the table.

Backed by a state of the art infrastructure and immense experience our team of Qlikview architects carry, Ventois takes pride in having countless enterprises ameliorate their intricate business processes through turn-key reporting and analytics solutions and services. We are known for harnessing the Qlikview potential for maximum output by facilitating rapid deployment. Ventois’ architects make the most of in-built data templates and connectors this amazing BI platform renders.

The Ventois Advantage

  • End to end Qlikview solutions including designing, configuration and maintenance
  • Highly pliable and scalable virtual private cloud architecture and hosting infrastructure that scales according to your growing business requirements
  • Qlikview experts with in-depth expertise in Qlikview applications, JDE, Oracle and others to name a few
  • Reduced Business Intelligence complexities and cost of ownership
  • 24×7 Technical support

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