Oracle_RunningImageToday’s competitive business environ is more dynamic and demanding as ever. And hence your survival is heavily contingent on quick, real time and meaningful decision making. Integrated insights into business performance, analysis and easy to understand reports have a vital role to play in order to accomplish this goal.

Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI) is a robust business intelligence podium that effortlessly integrates well not only with native Oracle data sources, but equally with non data sources. If you are looking for a complete platform that comes loaded with highly interactive dashboards that brings performance review, market trends, alerts and report generation all in one place, then Oracle Business Intelligence is undoubtedly what you are looking for.

Whether it’s the adapters of ERP applications that speed up the whole deployment cycle or in-built analytical reports, Oracle BI is a complete assortment of business intelligence toolkit that always scores a 10 on 10.

 Other Benefits Of Oracle Business Intelligence
  • Streamlined forecasting, management, report analysis and variance analysis reports.
  • Robust system administration and data access for 100% end user satisfaction.
  • Performance management applications and world class business intelligence tools that complement and work well with industry specific processes.
  • Rigorous security measures to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Access to real time and accurate data for a well informed decision making.
  • Scalability that helps your organization and it’s ecosystem expand with the growing market needs.
 Why Ventois For Oracle Business Intelligence?

Ventois is a renowned name in the realm of Oracle BI. Having served pre-eminent enterprises across the globe with variegated business intelligence needs, we have a proven track record that speaks volumes about our expertise and experience in the domain. We take pride in our Oracle BI consultants with an enviable portfolio. They have helped numerous enterprises plan, design, prioritize, implement and deploy sound business intelligence systems that helped them took their business to an all new level. Reporting, Data warehousing or implementing BI solutions across various industries such HR, Finance, Procurement, Manufacturing and IT to name a few, Ventois is considered a trusted advisor.

Touch base with us for an obligation free consultation. .

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